Okay so out of the blue moon, Instagram finally has something unique for its over-a-billion-active-users. Instagram had a busy month testing this feature, and has now finally released this feature in a updated version of the app. Since the feature is system specific the app needs to be updated unlike some server specific features which doesn’t need the app to be updated.
The version 10.9 has this super awesome feature which lets you post 10 different photos/videos in a single go. You need to tap on “SELECT MULTIPLE” button on android and a switcher (blue colored icon) top right of photo picker on iPhone to select multiple photos.
Upon selecting 10 photos/videos you can either edit the photo individually or all photos one by one. While in edit mode you can rearrange the photos by long press and drag, delete photos by long press and swipe up and the filters and other photo editing setting are available. However you are restricted to have one caption for the whole slideshow (unlike WhatsApp, being able to give caption for each picture you intend to share) and a square crop
Once posted, your post will be shown as a slide show in the feed with a highlighter at bottom right saying “Swipe left” for the first time for you. The next time you see the same post again the message will not be shown and only dots below the post will be shown. Number of dots will be equal to number of photos/videos.

A group of scholars led by Gary King, being a political scientist at the Harvard who has specialized in using quantitative data to understand public policy, and this team ran a study on Chinese hype workers popularly known as 50 cent party. As the name suggests, the workers of this party are paid 50 Chinese cents for each social media post. 

As per the study, the government of china whips about 488 million social media posts a year- which is a nearing twitter's global volume a day. Huge right ? Now the question is, why does government of china pay people to post ? It's just a cumbrous effort to distract their citizens from various bad news, sensitive news and debate on politics. Apart from censoring the internet of the country the Chinese government also fills the social media with fake comments and doesn't get into any kind of debate on any other country, neither critics nor funtainment see 50 cent workers getting indulged. It majorly works in distracting the chinese public with contents of positivity, cheering  or revolutionaries of the past and worst part is, they are too good at distracting the public. 

                       "In retrospect, this makes a lot of sense — stopping an argument is best done by distraction and changing the subject rather than more argument — but this had previously been unknown,” King said in an email.

As per the research conducted, more than half of the post positive messages were on government websites and rest were jabbed into the  around 85 billion social media posts entering china's internet, i.e. 1 among every 183 social media posts were pushed by the Chinese government. 

In 2013-2014 email archive was leaked from the propaganda office- Zhanggong and this archive included various formats of emails and encrypted programs that were enough for King and his team to crack through and come up with a customized computer code and automated text analysis and they successfully pulled out around 2400 emails that proved useful to them. 

The members of the party comes in action whenever there is social unrest or protest with a huge number posts that in a way wipes out the public opinions on the issues going on. The count of post is enough against the number of people voicing out against the issue. 

The Chinese government realised that most of the political discussions took place online and the active online presence of the chinese citizens can be used to distract them from the the political discussion. It's like minimising the effect of the political posts online with such smart commenters. This was a really smart and affordable move made by the chinese government.

These guys are really very effective in terms of distraction and kind off mastered this commenting job. Reports states that 10-18 percent of the overall comments on all the social media come from these guys, who smartly wave off the discussion on the government. A legitimate use people and money we can say but of course not ethical.

Stay tuned for more......!! 

With it's growing popularity, Facebook has started thinking out of the box and smarter in terms of the features the site provides to it's users. Facebook has promisingly grew in all aspects, be it security or features or advertisements, Facebook is penetrating in every vertical to be and stay the best amongst others. From allowing user to view 360-degree view video to video as profile picture, Facebook has topped again in improving user experience on Facebook.

Here are 10 new features of Facebook:

1 Live Streaming: Feeling lazy for clicking every video you come across on your home page. Facebook has worked overtime to get this make-me-lazy thing of clicking play button every time. Now you can see the videos auto played when ever you hover your mouse's cursor over it-moving the cursor away will obviously stop the video. By default, the video will play in mute, clicking on sound icon will play up the video. You can always turn of this by reaching Settings > Videos>> Click the dropdown menu next to Auto-play Videos and select Off.

2. Mentions app for verified users: Facebook has rolled out this new feature for the verified users. These verified user include journalist, celebrities and some one out of reach for. This feature lets  the verified users engage with their followers and share the content. Interested user have to fill a online form before they can download and use the app.

3. Notes: Facebook has recently upgraded the notes feature making it more or like a blog posts. Manage your notes on Facebook, hover mouse on More below your cover picture, find Notes under that, check it and edit it at your ease. Add title, write something from mind and if you're okay with what you have typed, you may publish it. You can manage the ordering of more options.

"We’re rolling out an update to make notes on Facebook more beautiful and customizable. Notes are now an even better way to write a longer post and share with anyone — whether it’s a small group of friends or everyone on Facebook," said the company in a statement.

4. 360 degree video: Facebook updated its News Feed with support for 360-degree videos. The feature displays the user an entire scene in virtual reality. The company worked with Oculus, the VR headset maker it acquired in 2014, to develop the feature.

5. Video as profile picture. Another awesome feature gifted is video profile picture, imagine a happy shocking face, surprised on his/her birthday as profile picture. Awesome right? Users can also set a temporary profile picture that reverts to their old picture at a specific time. 

6. Dislike button: Instead of commenting "Disliked" for something you don't like on Facebook, use Dislike button, but with a different taste. The company has rolled out expressive reactions that includes "Love," "Haha," "Yay," "Wow," "Sad" and "Angry."

7. Video Suggestions: One step towards making you view more videos on Facebook, going youtube way on Facebook. Once you are done with watching a video, suggestions opens up. In a statement said "In addition to helping people find more videos they may be interested in, we know people sometimes want to multitask while they watch videos. To make this possible, we’re testing a way for people to watch a video in a floating screen while simultaneously multitasking on Facebook."

8. Instant Articles: Spend more time on Facebook ? Company has added this feature to keep users on Facebook keeping their business on. According to the social-networking giant, the feature will improve the load times of news stories on its mobile app by as much as 10 times. Also, Instant Articles is not just about faster load times, it also includes other features like interactive maps, image zoom, autoplay videos and audio captions.

9. Facebook goes real-time: Get into the talk with internet with this new feature.  As this feature lets you find the search conversations about news shared publicly. As part of the feature, Search shows users what the world is saying about topics that matter and how their friends and family are reacting.

10 Notification tab leans your way: Get to know about community news and events, storm warnings, weather information and suggestions for television programmes or nearby movies. These notifications can also be customized according to happenings around the community.