CBI website HACKED ????

I had my head down for a moment when i heard the news. The main website of the Central Bureau Of Investigation was hacked by an unidentified group called the Pakistani Cyber Army. Couldn't the CBI protect itself????

The website www.cbi.nic.in was hacked on friday night, and the site was shut down early saturday morning. The website is maintained by NIC, National Informatics Centre, which is responsible for the functioning of all government websites. It is believed that the Pakistani Cyber Army have infiltrated the NIC servers which are all over the country.

The www.cbi.nic.in was left with a message making fun of the Intelligence Agencies in India. The website said "This attempt is in response to the Pakistani websites hacked by 'Indian Cyber Army'. We told u before too...we are sleeping but not dead."
"Back off kids or we will smoke your doors off like we did before...let us see what you investigating agency so called CBI can do"

The only doubt is " If the CBI couldn't save itself, what can the people expect from it??? "

Micromax A60 and Android 2.1

Micromax has proved the world that its Nothing like Anything. Micromax Infromatics have launched their first Android phone this December. Its the new Micromax A60, and I bet, you cant lay your hands off it. Its the cheapest Android phone the world has ever seen.

Micromax A60 is an Android 2.1 that has everything in. It has a 2.8 inch resistive touch screen and weighs about 105 grams.

Lets look into the best of A60
  • Display : 7.1 cms Touch screen (320x240)
  • CPU : 600MHz
  • Camera : 3.2 MP with auto focus
  • Video streaming and recording
  • 3G enabled, HSUPA-5.76Mbps and HSDPA-7.2Mbps
  • GPS enabled
  • Memory : expandable upto 32Gb, inbuilt-150MB
  • Wi-Fi
  • OS : Android 2.1 Eclair
  • Bluetooth

SWYPE is the fastest way to type on a touch phone or a tablet. Its the best way to text your friends or even write lengthy documents. Its way better than a keypad or a qwerty. Typing on a touch screen was never easier than this. Totally packed Micromax A60 has a price of Rs.6999 and its worth it.

Facebook beats eBay

Facebook is in a race wit everyone on the web. Being the largest social networking site, Facebook has been challenging others like Gmail with GmailKiller, and competing with other communities with new Facebook Groups and many more. There's a lot for Facebook users to experience in the coming years.

Facebook is expanding its territory with a huge rate. One hundred million users joined Facebook between February and July and this growth of Facebook has no competitors. Facebook's estimated worth today in an unbelievable $41 Billion making it the third best company in the U.S., leaving behind eBay with $39 Billion. Google is valued at $192.9 Billion and $74.4 for Amazon.com.

Facebook is expecting sales of about $1.4 Billion in 2010, which had $800 Million in 2009. Facebook makes money by letting people buy virtual items in their online games. This has made a huge profit to Facebook and other means include Ads and Credits. There are Facebook addicts who spend $20,000 a day on Facebook advertising and purchasing. Facebook has always been trying to gain attention and this has made it the most visited site in the U.S. beating Google.com

Facebook Messaging System : Gmail Killer?

When I first read the title I felt it's foolish, I just read a little more about it and felt "Well, this looks interesting." and finally I saw the Facebook's own video and exclaimed "OMG" this might as well work and replace traditional mails.

I think Facebook messaging system will take some time to catch up but it definitely looks like the way to take things ahead. Emails are used by 350 million people to send more than 4 billion messages daily. But there has been very little innovation in the field after google came out with few pathbreaking ones in their initial days. But Facebook will add a new dimension to Mails and takes us a step ahead in what we all expect : Making internet more managable and convergance of the various applications that we use for the same purpose. Assuming that Facebook keep up its promises, will you be open to replace gmail with Facebook messages..?

Stop Invading My Privacy !!!!!!

Ever thought what would happen if a website would neglect privacy??? Privacy is what people are worried about more than anything else, and when Privacy is out of its way the world goes upside down. Even the big bosses of the web have been victims of the privacy mishaps.

Facebook launched a new advertisement system called Facebook Beacon on November 6,2007. Facebook Beacon started off with a partnership with a network of 44 websites like Sony Pictures, eBay, Zappos.com, Overstock.com and many more. Your click on any website in could flash up on your friends News Feed. Beacon was not clear to it's users about the privacy policies and Facebook had to pay a huge price for it. If you had bought an article on eBay, Facebook would ask your permission for publishing it. Irrespective of your answer Facebook Beacon would publish the news. If you were logged out of Facebook, Beacon would find your profile on Facebook with the email provided and publish things which were not supposed to. There were several cases filed against Beacon for which Facebook paid a hugesettlement fee of $9.5 million. It also paid amounts like $15,000 and $7,500 to individuals who had filed a case against Facebook.

Google Buzz was no less. Buzz in the beginning of its launch had a huge drawback and people around the world wondered why Google was blind in not observing the mistake. Any person who was a part of
Buzz could open a stranger's Buzz profile and get to know whom the stranger is following and whom the stranger has contacted through mails and chats. The court will decide about the settlement amount early next year.

Money paid for their Privacy handling mistakes would go to non-profit foundations that will promote online privacy and security. Hope you know now why everybody from Google to Facebook is so vocal about their privacy policies. Though signing up on Facebook and Google is free, it takes a lot for them to maintain privacy.

Twitter's Golden Ratio

Ever wondered why DaVinci's paintings are interesting??? Why pyramids attract a huge number of people??? Why a design is very attractive?? Why somebody's face is attractive???
Its all because they follow the Golden Ratio.

Two numbers are said to follow Golden Ratio if the ratio of the sum of the two quantities to the larger quantity is approximately equal to 1.6180339887. It can also be defined as the ratio of two large fibonacci numbers. Its believed that anything built using this ratio is aesthetically pleasing. Today this ratio is used in the field of mathematics to build perfect figures, to build attractive designs, buildings, paintings, and to create melodies and this list is a never ending one. Anything that is built using the golden ratio is considered PERFECT!! and being perfect was what Twitter's creative director Doug Bowman chose.

The new page layout of Twitter follows this Golden Ratio. The ratio of several boxes on the twitter page are adjusted to follow the golden ratio.

You still don't like the page view?? Then it has to be the browser or the monitor which is disturbing the page format. Set everything right and im sure you will love it.

RockMelt : Free invites

RockMelt, the social brower is definitely rocking. With rockmelt now all your social media comes to one place and when that place is your brower you can't ask for more. I tried out RockMelt today and am pretty much excited. It might change the way live our social lives from now on.
Wait for a more detailed review.

Leave a comment to get a free invite for RockMelt......

PSP Phone

Is there something better than the legendary iPhone? The answer is a big NO.
Will there be something better than it? I Doubt. But the competition to defeat the APPLE product has never gone down, and to the list of competitors, there is a new addition. This time its SONY PSP.

YES, you have read it right. Its PSP, The lord of GAMES has a plan, and to support them are GOOGLE. Sony has announced that the markets will soon have the first psp phone. Though the company has not revealed much about it, people are expecting a lot.

What's really promising about the PSP Phone???
  • Gaming experience in a mobile like never before.
  • Touch screen with a slide having nothing but a joystick.
  • An AndroidPSP market all set to defeat the iStore.
For those of you who are wondering what the new PSP phone is all about, the PSP Phone would be a PSP GO with all mobile features available. This phone is believed to release this December but it is expected to postpone.

Will Apple finally have a fall?? Lets wait and watch if Google and PSP together can pull down the LEGEND. But I personally feel that Apple will stay high for a longer time. What do you think??? PSP or iPhone????


There was a time Facebook never existed. There came a time when people started using Facebook and NOW is the time people cant stop using Facebook. For people of that sort Docs have come up with a new term called FACEBOOK ADDICTION DISORDER (FAD).
Sounds crazy??? That was the way I felt when I heard it for the first time. I spent a few minutes thinking about it and was afraid if I was a victim of it. Take this survey to find if you are addicted.

Do you think a lot for a Smart STATUS UPDATE??? Take crazy pics so that you can UPLOAD it on Facebook?? Do you cry for gifts in Farmville, MafiaWars or some other app?? Fill up forms for coins??? Keep refreshing the Facebook homepage for new feeds??? If the answers are positive you should seriously think of FAD.

People are so much addicted today to Facebook that nothing else in the world can make them happy. People all over the world are seriously thinking about visiting psychiatrists to overcome this syndrome. Many complain today that they are wasting a lot of time on Facebook and they are not able to stay away from it.

This disorder leads to a new forum!!! ANTI FACEBOOK. A lot of AntiFacebook activities are very active on the internet. September 12 is a No Facebook Day. Users of Facebook have agreed to skip using Facebook on this day. May 31st is considered as Quit Facebook Day. It has been found that many users deleted their profile this May. The funniest part is that several AntiFacebook and Quit Facebook articles and groups on the net have a Facebook Like button too !!! 

1 Gbps internet???

Ever dreamt of villages where doctors could access internet, watch live 3D videos and get guidance from great doctors in the city?? or children watch 3D seminars from teachers around the globe?? or download a hour long high definition video in 30 seconds??

The famous Obama govt has now stepped into the WEB and considers Internet as the best and fastest way to improve the huge nation. Internet at every nook and corner to the rescue is what Obama has planned for the citizens of US. The american govt calls this THE NATIONAL BROADBAND PLAN. The plan got on its floor this March and America is half way through in achieving it. The govt. has joined hands with many companies to make its dream come true and when Google is one of them.... there's a lot for us to look into.

Google and America???

Yes!!! The big guns have joined hands to make something really really HUGE. How huge is the question and its going to be 1 Gbps HUGE. Google today is busy implementing this plan in several villages of America. This National Broadband Plan is now at its testing stage and is expected to have a grand opening early next year.

Google tested NBP at Topeka, Kansas and the reaction was something nobody expected. The people and mayor of Topeka were so happy with all the new technology and in response, they decided to rename their village. And guess what its called today??? Its Google, Kansas, and tomorrow it would be no big surprise if Unites States of America would be called The Google States of America!!!!Right??

But what are we going to do with such speeds???? Download more movies a day???
Give a few answers to why at all you need 1Gbps and if the answer is good enough lets put this plan on our dear Prime Ministers table too...

Android Gingerbread : The Sweet Bread is here

Everybody is almost sure that the next version of the Android OS is going to be called Ginger Bread. But however Google has maintained their silence. But the latest developments on the Google campus only goes to show that the developer grapevine is true. The official word from google “We’re baking something, and it’s pretty sweet.”   makes things more interesting. Check out the new GingerBread on Google campus.

If they hysteria surrounding Android Ginger Bread is one part of the story, the rumors that GingerBread is going to power tablets. Though there are few Android (1 and 2) powered tablets in the market, they are in no way competing with the Apple's IPad. Android powered Tablets are going to be recipe for the Android fans, who were disappointed that Google doesn't have an answer for Apple IPad. Will Android powered tablets will give Apple a run for their money..? That we can't say but in the mean time, do take a view at this Android powered Tablet.

OTP for facebook Interested..?

Everyone today is busy learning to hack into different networking sites. People wish to steal passwords(phishing) of accounts and play havoc with the profiles. Hacking into private stuff has become a sort of entertainment for the non ethical hackers. Hackers are a big threat today as their numbers have increased unimaginably(read as chinese hackers). Security of private stuff online is something that has to be thought about again and again before accessing it. Most of the private data is hacked when people access accounts at public places like Cyber's, Airport or a Friend's computer. Programs like keylogger and fake login pages store the username and passwords entered. So next time when you access web through a strangers computer think of all the possibilities.

Mrs.Bean, 104 and Facebook

Oldies never understand the web world. I know that. I have faced hell in just teaching my parents open their mail accounts. When it is so difficult to use gmail, I don't expect them to get into a social networking site at all. Not all are like that and I have a pretty good example to prove it wrong.

Facebook Groups++

Facebook groups has been a way for people to tell the world who and what they are. This helped Facebook users in discussions and sharing opinions about the topic the Group spoke. Facebook is now ready to spread a really different idea to the world on what Groups are. Functionality of a Group has now widely increased. A lot more new experiments in Facebook means a lot more FUN!

The Facebook Story

Staying in a dormitory is definitely not something good but this is where FACEBOOK had its birth. Thank Mark Zuckerburg and his fellow classmates Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes for their work at Harvard Dorm. Facebook was launched on 4th of February 2004 by Zuckerburg.

Web TV : Powered by Android

Those of you who were not happy with Apple releasing their first Web TV, here is a good news.The Web TV from other makers is finally going to make an entry into the consumer markets some time close to  Christmas this year. And the good news is that it is powered by Android. Sony and Samsung are betting on the Android OS powered Web TV sets to compete with the Apple Inc which released a similar product around September. The TV advertising market stands at a figure close to 175 billion $ and these companies are targeting a slice of it.

Facebook Developer Garage

If numbers are anything to go by then the Facebook Developer Garage was a hit. There were more than 250 developers out there on a sunday evening with a cricket match out there in Bangalore. Since the numbers were more than the expected the venue had to be shifted to Kuliza technologies.

HTML5 session @ IIMB

The image to the left is the snapshot of the HTML5 session at IIMB Bangalore. I am just back from the session and here is the write up that I promised.


Tired of updating your personal details in the net at different places???There is a solution.......

And that solution is "GRAVATAR" (Globally Recognized Avatars)

When you get into a new site or when you post a comment in a blog or a website, the basic details you enter are your name, a pic of yours, e-mail idphone number, address and a few lines about yourself.
Why do this everytime you are asked to???
And I'm sure there's no one who wouldn't like to skip this boring monotonous work.

  • Get into it and signup.
  • Add your details.
  • Give a valid e-mail id (your primary mail Id).
  • Upload a pic of yours and tats it!

Gravatar is linked with a huge number of websites and it's still spreading huge. The next time you are asked for all your details, just add your e-mail id and leave the rest to Gravatar. All your personal information including your pic will be transferes from Gravatar.Your job's done when you add your e-mail id and its really that simple.You also have the option to manage several mail ids and several photos in a single account of Gravatar. Change some detail of yours in Gravatar and this information gets updated everywhere... Isnt this saving you a lot of time??? and more importantly you need not do this boring job on every damn site. So use Gravatar and stay happy..

Android Icing?

Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, GingerBread, Honeycomb ..... Well if you are still wondering these are, well these are the names of the various versions of Android.

The previous versions of Android OS are:
Android 1.5 – Cupcake
Android 1.6 – Donut
Android 2.1 – Éclair
Android 2.2 – Froyo
Android 3.0 – Gingerbread

Google has it's own ways of doing things. And when it comes to releasing its products, it surely makes a mark. Unlike Apple sending Steven Jobs for every product release, Google doesn't send Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google comes out with an innovative idea for every product release. For Gmail it was limited invites, for Chrome it was the Cartoon and so on.

But with Android google has taken it to the next stage. Every version has a new name. And google is following certain rules in the naming conventions for its versions. Android developers worldwide are all excited and guessing the name of the next Android version has become a sort of favorite past-time amongst the Android Developers.

Trusted sources in google have confirmed that the next version of Android is going to be HoneyComb. At Social Bucket all we can say is that Android is getting better and better with every release and the developer community's interest in names of Android release is only increasing day by day.

Take wild guesses as to what may be the names of the future releases of Android. Icing, Jelly.....

Social Bucket

Welcome to the Social Bucket. One bucket that covers all the latest happenings on the web and in social networking.
The screens are all set to raise and “Social Bucket” is all set to make a grand opening. A long list of probable invitees was made, and finally the list was short listed to two. Two guys without whom our social lives wouldn’t have been this happening. Well no prizes for guessing there names :( (Don’t be sad at the end of this post we have a competition, winners of which will find a mention in our next post, with an image)
Well the first guest for the Day is here and he is all smiles for he is accompanies with his girlfriend, and well most of ours too ;)
Getting Mark ZuckerBerg to accept our invitation was not that difficult. After all the bad publicity that he got for privacy issues in facebook he wanted some platform to interact with the users and he was visibly delighted when we invited him. He couldn’t but say “Yes” to our invitation. After all nobody says no to Social Bucket. We also asked him to give our users a insight into new Facebook Groups, but however he said that it is our duty now and we shall do that in our next post.
Well moving on we have our next guest who can’t wait to be here. He is here on one condition that he won’t speak more than 140 words. Did I hear some “tweet, tweet” there. Yes you are right its Biz Stone of Twitter.
Well as you can Biz Stone was initially not convinced enough. But we made him an offer that he could not resist. We said “You can brief our users on the new twitter avataar” and he obliged readily saying “tweet, tweet”.
Now they are all yours and you can shoot questions at them. And well as i promised there is a contest but I will put it up as a next post.

What is your social networking IQ

So here is the image. As you can make out it has the logos of the most famous networking social network sites today. Name them in the order. If you don’t know all of them then mention it in the format R1C2 : WordPress and so on.

The user with the most correct answers will be the winner. If more than one reader get it all right, then we will have all the names listed. Remember its your chance get your image on the Social Bucket. All the best and Happy Social Networking till the next post.