Android Gingerbread : The Sweet Bread is here

Everybody is almost sure that the next version of the Android OS is going to be called Ginger Bread. But however Google has maintained their silence. But the latest developments on the Google campus only goes to show that the developer grapevine is true. The official word from google “We’re baking something, and it’s pretty sweet.”   makes things more interesting. Check out the new GingerBread on Google campus.

If they hysteria surrounding Android Ginger Bread is one part of the story, the rumors that GingerBread is going to power tablets. Though there are few Android (1 and 2) powered tablets in the market, they are in no way competing with the Apple's IPad. Android powered Tablets are going to be recipe for the Android fans, who were disappointed that Google doesn't have an answer for Apple IPad. Will Android powered tablets will give Apple a run for their money..? That we can't say but in the mean time, do take a view at this Android powered Tablet.


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