1 Gbps internet???

Ever dreamt of villages where doctors could access internet, watch live 3D videos and get guidance from great doctors in the city?? or children watch 3D seminars from teachers around the globe?? or download a hour long high definition video in 30 seconds??

The famous Obama govt has now stepped into the WEB and considers Internet as the best and fastest way to improve the huge nation. Internet at every nook and corner to the rescue is what Obama has planned for the citizens of US. The american govt calls this THE NATIONAL BROADBAND PLAN. The plan got on its floor this March and America is half way through in achieving it. The govt. has joined hands with many companies to make its dream come true and when Google is one of them.... there's a lot for us to look into.

Google and America???

Yes!!! The big guns have joined hands to make something really really HUGE. How huge is the question and its going to be 1 Gbps HUGE. Google today is busy implementing this plan in several villages of America. This National Broadband Plan is now at its testing stage and is expected to have a grand opening early next year.

Google tested NBP at Topeka, Kansas and the reaction was something nobody expected. The people and mayor of Topeka were so happy with all the new technology and in response, they decided to rename their village. And guess what its called today??? Its Google, Kansas, and tomorrow it would be no big surprise if Unites States of America would be called The Google States of America!!!!Right??

But what are we going to do with such speeds???? Download more movies a day???
Give a few answers to why at all you need 1Gbps and if the answer is good enough lets put this plan on our dear Prime Ministers table too...


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