Facebook Developer Garage

If numbers are anything to go by then the Facebook Developer Garage was a hit. There were more than 250 developers out there on a sunday evening with a cricket match out there in Bangalore. Since the numbers were more than the expected the venue had to be shifted to Kuliza technologies.

Amingos(read as Vijay Sir ) did a good job with regard to organizing the meet. Most of the things were in order. 1ndus gave an insight into the app that he had built around the idea of applying for an open job through Facebook interface. Shreyas spoke on Facebook integration with the website and the problem that he faced during the same. He took  nh7.in as a case study. Ramprasad ran us through the Sudoku solver app that they had build. The student of SDM Dharwad showcased the X Socila app that they had built and they said "It was a child's play to build it"..The session ended with Kingley's talk about best practices for Social Apps and some useful insights into how to monetise the Apps.

There were not many actual facebook developers out there as I had expected. A small hands on or a session on the actual coding for a facebook app would havfe made the meeting more meaningful :)


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