Facebook Groups++

Facebook groups has been a way for people to tell the world who and what they are. This helped Facebook users in discussions and sharing opinions about the topic the Group spoke. Facebook is now ready to spread a really different idea to the world on what Groups are. Functionality of a Group has now widely increased. A lot more new experiments in Facebook means a lot more FUN!


Group Chat
A chat box on the page allows you to look into how many people of the Group are online though they aren't your friends. You can have a group chat with people on several running topics of the Group. You are also free to go offline for a particular group.

Group Docs
Facebook developers here copy the idea of WIKIPEDIA, the kings of online docs. Members of a group can create docs, share docs and anyone of the group can edit the docs.

Facebook Notifications
Everyone on Facebook has the freedom to select on what has to displayed on their news feed and what has to reach their inbox. You can now subscribe to a more specific post or a discussion than a generalized Group.

All new Groups have this feature enabled. Old Groups remain the way they were. The conversion of an old Group to a new one will soon be available and the creator of the Group will decide if he wants a its or not.
This is how a Group Chat would look like.

What are the features you would want in the new avataar of Groups.


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