Tired of updating your personal details in the net at different places???There is a solution.......

And that solution is "GRAVATAR" (Globally Recognized Avatars)

When you get into a new site or when you post a comment in a blog or a website, the basic details you enter are your name, a pic of yours, e-mail idphone number, address and a few lines about yourself.
Why do this everytime you are asked to???
And I'm sure there's no one who wouldn't like to skip this boring monotonous work.

  • Get into it and signup.
  • Add your details.
  • Give a valid e-mail id (your primary mail Id).
  • Upload a pic of yours and tats it!

Gravatar is linked with a huge number of websites and it's still spreading huge. The next time you are asked for all your details, just add your e-mail id and leave the rest to Gravatar. All your personal information including your pic will be transferes from Gravatar.Your job's done when you add your e-mail id and its really that simple.You also have the option to manage several mail ids and several photos in a single account of Gravatar. Change some detail of yours in Gravatar and this information gets updated everywhere... Isnt this saving you a lot of time??? and more importantly you need not do this boring job on every damn site. So use Gravatar and stay happy..


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