HTML5 session @ IIMB

The image to the left is the snapshot of the HTML5 session at IIMB Bangalore. I am just back from the session and here is the write up that I promised.

HTML5 has generated quite a lot of interest among the developer community. From Apple to Google everyone seems to be evangelists for this latest version of HTML(HTML5) . (Though it is called HTML5 is called so, it says that from now on they will stop versioning HTML. Bizzare...)
But for some reason W3 seems to be not happy with it. First in the inception stages they didn't support HTML5 and now they recently announced that in-spite of all the news HTML5 is making it is not yet ready for production.

Tenets of HTML5

  1. Be conservative in what you send, liberal in what you accept. (Postel's law)
  2. Whatever you do must be compatible with the past.
  3. Semantic Tags : Make the web more readable.
  4. User Interactive Web.
  5. More support Audio and Video.
  6. Browser Independent.
  7. Make use of the resources of your PC.
Why learn HTML5 ? 
Visit the following websites and see what HTML5 can do without flash... 
Not convinced yet? Google for more...

Where to learn ?

Welcome to a whole new world of Internet with HTML5


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