OTP for facebook Interested..?

Everyone today is busy learning to hack into different networking sites. People wish to steal passwords(phishing) of accounts and play havoc with the profiles. Hacking into private stuff has become a sort of entertainment for the non ethical hackers. Hackers are a big threat today as their numbers have increased unimaginably(read as chinese hackers). Security of private stuff online is something that has to be thought about again and again before accessing it. Most of the private data is hacked when people access accounts at public places like Cyber's, Airport or a Friend's computer. Programs like keylogger and fake login pages store the username and passwords entered. So next time when you access web through a strangers computer think of all the possibilities.

Facebook has been working rigorously of late, regarding the security issues. The new feature is called One Time Password and this time it looks like ZuckerBerg is in the right path.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to use this new feature.
  • Register your mobile number(s) to your Facebook account at
  • Send a message "otp" to 32665 (OTP - One Time Password)
  • You will receive a message having a temporary password to your account which will remain active for 20 minutes.
  • Sign in and enjoy Facebook no matter where and whose computer you use.
Even if keyloggers capture your temporary password, nobody can access your account as the password is for one time use only and is invalid as soon as your session expires. This feature of Facebook is now active only in U.S. Facebook plans to extend this feature to everyone using it.

All of this only for a safer social networking??
Are you ready to use OTP next time when you want to access Facebook from an Internet Cafe?


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