PSP Phone

Is there something better than the legendary iPhone? The answer is a big NO.
Will there be something better than it? I Doubt. But the competition to defeat the APPLE product has never gone down, and to the list of competitors, there is a new addition. This time its SONY PSP.

YES, you have read it right. Its PSP, The lord of GAMES has a plan, and to support them are GOOGLE. Sony has announced that the markets will soon have the first psp phone. Though the company has not revealed much about it, people are expecting a lot.

What's really promising about the PSP Phone???
  • Gaming experience in a mobile like never before.
  • Touch screen with a slide having nothing but a joystick.
  • An AndroidPSP market all set to defeat the iStore.
For those of you who are wondering what the new PSP phone is all about, the PSP Phone would be a PSP GO with all mobile features available. This phone is believed to release this December but it is expected to postpone.

Will Apple finally have a fall?? Lets wait and watch if Google and PSP together can pull down the LEGEND. But I personally feel that Apple will stay high for a longer time. What do you think??? PSP or iPhone????


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