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Welcome to the Social Bucket. One bucket that covers all the latest happenings on the web and in social networking.
The screens are all set to raise and “Social Bucket” is all set to make a grand opening. A long list of probable invitees was made, and finally the list was short listed to two. Two guys without whom our social lives wouldn’t have been this happening. Well no prizes for guessing there names :( (Don’t be sad at the end of this post we have a competition, winners of which will find a mention in our next post, with an image)
Well the first guest for the Day is here and he is all smiles for he is accompanies with his girlfriend, and well most of ours too ;)
Getting Mark ZuckerBerg to accept our invitation was not that difficult. After all the bad publicity that he got for privacy issues in facebook he wanted some platform to interact with the users and he was visibly delighted when we invited him. He couldn’t but say “Yes” to our invitation. After all nobody says no to Social Bucket. We also asked him to give our users a insight into new Facebook Groups, but however he said that it is our duty now and we shall do that in our next post.
Well moving on we have our next guest who can’t wait to be here. He is here on one condition that he won’t speak more than 140 words. Did I hear some “tweet, tweet” there. Yes you are right its Biz Stone of Twitter.
Well as you can Biz Stone was initially not convinced enough. But we made him an offer that he could not resist. We said “You can brief our users on the new twitter avataar” and he obliged readily saying “tweet, tweet”.
Now they are all yours and you can shoot questions at them. And well as i promised there is a contest but I will put it up as a next post.


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