There was a time Facebook never existed. There came a time when people started using Facebook and NOW is the time people cant stop using Facebook. For people of that sort Docs have come up with a new term called FACEBOOK ADDICTION DISORDER (FAD).
Sounds crazy??? That was the way I felt when I heard it for the first time. I spent a few minutes thinking about it and was afraid if I was a victim of it. Take this survey to find if you are addicted.

Do you think a lot for a Smart STATUS UPDATE??? Take crazy pics so that you can UPLOAD it on Facebook?? Do you cry for gifts in Farmville, MafiaWars or some other app?? Fill up forms for coins??? Keep refreshing the Facebook homepage for new feeds??? If the answers are positive you should seriously think of FAD.

People are so much addicted today to Facebook that nothing else in the world can make them happy. People all over the world are seriously thinking about visiting psychiatrists to overcome this syndrome. Many complain today that they are wasting a lot of time on Facebook and they are not able to stay away from it.

This disorder leads to a new forum!!! ANTI FACEBOOK. A lot of AntiFacebook activities are very active on the internet. September 12 is a No Facebook Day. Users of Facebook have agreed to skip using Facebook on this day. May 31st is considered as Quit Facebook Day. It has been found that many users deleted their profile this May. The funniest part is that several AntiFacebook and Quit Facebook articles and groups on the net have a Facebook Like button too !!! 


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