Web TV : Powered by Android

Those of you who were not happy with Apple releasing their first Web TV, here is a good news.The Web TV from other makers is finally going to make an entry into the consumer markets some time close to  Christmas this year. And the good news is that it is powered by Android. Sony and Samsung are betting on the Android OS powered Web TV sets to compete with the Apple Inc which released a similar product around September. The TV advertising market stands at a figure close to 175 billion $ and these companies are targeting a slice of it.

TV was the first true mass media and Web is the latest one. And the marriage of these to will lead to myriad possibilities and opportunities. With Social networking being the trend of the web and web getting ready to be merged with TV, the consumer will be the ultimate winner with more social experience embedded into his TV sets. Choosing a TV program that most of your friends are watching right now, is not going to be a far off fantasy.  

While Apple is betting on partnerships with the content providers to promote its product, Sony and Samsung are betting on Android OS to power their devices.

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