Facebook beats eBay

Facebook is in a race wit everyone on the web. Being the largest social networking site, Facebook has been challenging others like Gmail with GmailKiller, and competing with other communities with new Facebook Groups and many more. There's a lot for Facebook users to experience in the coming years.

Facebook is expanding its territory with a huge rate. One hundred million users joined Facebook between February and July and this growth of Facebook has no competitors. Facebook's estimated worth today in an unbelievable $41 Billion making it the third best company in the U.S., leaving behind eBay with $39 Billion. Google is valued at $192.9 Billion and $74.4 for Amazon.com.

Facebook is expecting sales of about $1.4 Billion in 2010, which had $800 Million in 2009. Facebook makes money by letting people buy virtual items in their online games. This has made a huge profit to Facebook and other means include Ads and Credits. There are Facebook addicts who spend $20,000 a day on Facebook advertising and purchasing. Facebook has always been trying to gain attention and this has made it the most visited site in the U.S. beating Google.com

Facebook Messaging System : Gmail Killer?

When I first read the title I felt it's foolish, I just read a little more about it and felt "Well, this looks interesting." and finally I saw the Facebook's own video and exclaimed "OMG" this might as well work and replace traditional mails.

I think Facebook messaging system will take some time to catch up but it definitely looks like the way to take things ahead. Emails are used by 350 million people to send more than 4 billion messages daily. But there has been very little innovation in the field after google came out with few pathbreaking ones in their initial days. But Facebook will add a new dimension to Mails and takes us a step ahead in what we all expect : Making internet more managable and convergance of the various applications that we use for the same purpose. Assuming that Facebook keep up its promises, will you be open to replace gmail with Facebook messages..?

Stop Invading My Privacy !!!!!!

Ever thought what would happen if a website would neglect privacy??? Privacy is what people are worried about more than anything else, and when Privacy is out of its way the world goes upside down. Even the big bosses of the web have been victims of the privacy mishaps.

Facebook launched a new advertisement system called Facebook Beacon on November 6,2007. Facebook Beacon started off with a partnership with a network of 44 websites like Sony Pictures, eBay, Zappos.com, Overstock.com and many more. Your click on any website in could flash up on your friends News Feed. Beacon was not clear to it's users about the privacy policies and Facebook had to pay a huge price for it. If you had bought an article on eBay, Facebook would ask your permission for publishing it. Irrespective of your answer Facebook Beacon would publish the news. If you were logged out of Facebook, Beacon would find your profile on Facebook with the email provided and publish things which were not supposed to. There were several cases filed against Beacon for which Facebook paid a hugesettlement fee of $9.5 million. It also paid amounts like $15,000 and $7,500 to individuals who had filed a case against Facebook.

Google Buzz was no less. Buzz in the beginning of its launch had a huge drawback and people around the world wondered why Google was blind in not observing the mistake. Any person who was a part of
Buzz could open a stranger's Buzz profile and get to know whom the stranger is following and whom the stranger has contacted through mails and chats. The court will decide about the settlement amount early next year.

Money paid for their Privacy handling mistakes would go to non-profit foundations that will promote online privacy and security. Hope you know now why everybody from Google to Facebook is so vocal about their privacy policies. Though signing up on Facebook and Google is free, it takes a lot for them to maintain privacy.

Twitter's Golden Ratio

Ever wondered why DaVinci's paintings are interesting??? Why pyramids attract a huge number of people??? Why a design is very attractive?? Why somebody's face is attractive???
Its all because they follow the Golden Ratio.

Two numbers are said to follow Golden Ratio if the ratio of the sum of the two quantities to the larger quantity is approximately equal to 1.6180339887. It can also be defined as the ratio of two large fibonacci numbers. Its believed that anything built using this ratio is aesthetically pleasing. Today this ratio is used in the field of mathematics to build perfect figures, to build attractive designs, buildings, paintings, and to create melodies and this list is a never ending one. Anything that is built using the golden ratio is considered PERFECT!! and being perfect was what Twitter's creative director Doug Bowman chose.

The new page layout of Twitter follows this Golden Ratio. The ratio of several boxes on the twitter page are adjusted to follow the golden ratio.

You still don't like the page view?? Then it has to be the browser or the monitor which is disturbing the page format. Set everything right and im sure you will love it.

RockMelt : Free invites

RockMelt, the social brower is definitely rocking. With rockmelt now all your social media comes to one place and when that place is your brower you can't ask for more. I tried out RockMelt today and am pretty much excited. It might change the way live our social lives from now on.
Wait for a more detailed review.

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