Facebook beats eBay

Facebook is in a race wit everyone on the web. Being the largest social networking site, Facebook has been challenging others like Gmail with GmailKiller, and competing with other communities with new Facebook Groups and many more. There's a lot for Facebook users to experience in the coming years.

Facebook is expanding its territory with a huge rate. One hundred million users joined Facebook between February and July and this growth of Facebook has no competitors. Facebook's estimated worth today in an unbelievable $41 Billion making it the third best company in the U.S., leaving behind eBay with $39 Billion. Google is valued at $192.9 Billion and $74.4 for Amazon.com.

Facebook is expecting sales of about $1.4 Billion in 2010, which had $800 Million in 2009. Facebook makes money by letting people buy virtual items in their online games. This has made a huge profit to Facebook and other means include Ads and Credits. There are Facebook addicts who spend $20,000 a day on Facebook advertising and purchasing. Facebook has always been trying to gain attention and this has made it the most visited site in the U.S. beating Google.com


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