Facebook Messaging System : Gmail Killer?

When I first read the title I felt it's foolish, I just read a little more about it and felt "Well, this looks interesting." and finally I saw the Facebook's own video and exclaimed "OMG" this might as well work and replace traditional mails.

I think Facebook messaging system will take some time to catch up but it definitely looks like the way to take things ahead. Emails are used by 350 million people to send more than 4 billion messages daily. But there has been very little innovation in the field after google came out with few pathbreaking ones in their initial days. But Facebook will add a new dimension to Mails and takes us a step ahead in what we all expect : Making internet more managable and convergance of the various applications that we use for the same purpose. Assuming that Facebook keep up its promises, will you be open to replace gmail with Facebook messages..?


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