Google, Apple and the Publisher

Publishing companies have set a big foot in the virtual world. Magazines, Newspapers, Music and Video publishing companies are aiming at higher profits online and the war between Apple and Google will help them.

Publishers take help from the Apple Store to publish content. The iPad has proven to be a popular media consumption device and the publishing companies are a lot more excited about it. Tablets are being considered as the best eReader gadgets. To support the publishing companies, Apple has come up with a new subscription plan on the App Store. It lets publishers to handle content on the subscribers Pad. Subscribers now have a better validity option on their subscription plan. While Apple takes care of the billing process, 30% of the fee paid by the subscriber is eaten up by the Apple. Steve Jobs writes in the agreement "When Apple brings a new subscriber to the app, Apple earns a 30 percent share. When the publisher brings an existing or new subscriber to the app, the publisher keeps 100 percent and Apple earns nothing".

A day after Apple announces this plan, Google releases the ONE PASS feature. This feature lets the subscribers have a higher share of profit. Google will charge 10% of the subscription fee while the 90% will reach the publisher. This feature of Google is now available in the U.K, U.S, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Many publishers have stated their dissatisfaction over the Apple's 30% fee and if Apple is determined not to change, Publishers will have to build a strong base on the Google One Pass.


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