Apple Inc. and its mysterious logo

Apple Inc., the leader of todays electronic goods has a very strange and interesting logo. The logo has a deep meaning in it and not just an ordinary apple with a bite. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne set up Apple Computers in the year 1976 to sell their hand-made computer. They contacted HP to sell their product APPLE I. HP declined their product and I'm sure its repenting the decision today.

When the three founders of Apple Inc. wanted a name for their company, Jobs came up with the name Apple as he was very fond of it. Jobs worked at an apple farm as a hobby and admired the beauty of apple and considered it a perfect fruit. The idea was approved and thus APPLE COMPUTERS.

The image on the left was the first logo of Apple Computers which had Sir Issac Newton under an Apple tree where the theory of gravitation was born. This complicated logo was designed by Jobs and Wayne with an inscription “Newton … A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought … Alone.” on the outer frame.

A year later, Jobs hired Rob Janoff, a graphic designer. Rob simplified the Apple logo into an apple with a bite. This logo of apple had a lot of speak. The logo was in action in the year 1976. It was the time the 8bit machine and the color monitor came up.
The apple logo had rainbow colors to represent the birth of color monitors and a bite
which represented the BYTE. The Apple II was one of the first few 8 bit machines and had a slogan "BYTE INTO AN APPLE" (byte = 8bits). The bite in the apple pays homage to Alan Turing, the Father of computer science who died by biting a cyanide injected apple. Jobs also wanted the bite in the Apple logo, as it would be mistaken for a cherry or a tomato without it.

When Apple launched the iMac in the year 1998, they removed the rainbow colors in it. Its was just a black apple with a bite. Today, the apple logo comes with a nice gradient chrome silver design. It is one of the most recognized brand symbols and the company is no less.


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