Chrome OS

Google here... Google there.... and now Google everywhere. Google has left no stone unturned it the city of INTERNET. Not only making new things happen, its scaring other companies away from competition. Google Chrome browser has found home in almost every computer, making IE and others a history (though chrome has a lot of bugs to be fixed). We all know the reason behind Nokia+Microsoft. YES!!!!! I'm talking about Android. After entering the mobile world, Google has now plans to invade the computer OS.

Chrome OS was announced on July 7, 2009. Its built on a Linux platform and more interestingly is an Open Source project. The launch of hardware featuring Chrome OS is expected in the end of 2011. Chrome OS is for people who spend a lot of time in the INTERNET.

Chrome OS boots up in just 10 seconds making it the fastest. It starts with a user login screen which is related to the Google account. The user login will allow access to all of Google's products.
User's data will be stored online using developed Cloud computing methods where user can access data from any computer running Chrome OS with a specific Username and Password. All this happening and more to come from Google, I'm sure there are a lot of companies being threatened. Watch out Gates!!!!


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