Apple iPad 2 disappoints buyers

The new Apple iPad2 released a month ago has been a huge disappointment to its buyers. Looks like the people had expected too much from Apple this time. After all the problems in iPad2, there is a NO STOCK board in every store. This is truly the power of the big brand.

These are the some of the reasons why one should wait for the new release of the tab instead of buying the iPad2.
  • The iPad2 is not equipped with the 4G connectivity. Motorola Xoom and the Blackberry PlayBook have 4G in them being the chief competitors to the Apple iPad.
  • The iPad1 had the largest screen last year having no competition. This time its Motorola Xoom with a 10.1 inch screen beating the 9.7 inch Apple pad.
  • Customers are disappointed that the iPad doesn't come with the high quality Retina display. The pad has just 132 pixels per inch where as the iPhone 4 has 326 pixels per inch.
  • The pad comes with just 1 MP rear camera while the Xoom has a 5MP camera.
  • The FaceTime integration has a few problems and a software upgrade can set it right.
  • The tablets microphone and speakers are much better on the wifi version than the 3G version of the device.
  • Few customers complain of a backlight leak from the edges of the screen while some of them complain of a yellow tinge appearing at few places.
  • After all these problems, its out of stock and takes weeks for the product to get delivered.
All these are not at all negligible. Few don't even like treating the product as the second version of the Apple iPad. With competition from Blackberry, Motorola and Samsung Galaxy, I'm sure Apple will consider releasing a perfect tablet the next year.


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