Pirate Hard Drive

Chinese are the best at duplicating things!!!! From Apple pads and the PSP's to the smallest like DVD's and pen drives, they have the duplicate versions of all. In days of the release of original's, the Chinese make their own imitation of the product. They have the pirated versions of every movie released, and sometimes before the release too. The title Pirate Kings, suit them the best!!

A Chinese iPhone might look all good on the surface, until u get a chance to check its OS. Improving the quality of duplicates could trouble the business of a lot of companies, and I hope it doesn't happen. The Chinese have come up with a new INFINITE CAPACITY HARD DRIVE. Sounds interesting, isn't it?? Imagine a drive that can store everything and anything you dump into it!! I would love to have one of this kind.

The casing of the infinite capacity drive reads "SAMSUNG". Every one who bought this product had a problem. When you copied a movie to the drive, only the last few minutes of the movie was copied. When several files were copied, the drive showed all the files getting copied with just the basic information of the file like the name, memory, icons. When these where clicked on another computer, they don't respond.

When this product reached an engineer who cracked open the drive was puzzled to know the secret behind its working. The picture above shows two huge metal nuts, just to increase the weight of the drive and had a 128 Mb flash drive in it.The drive cleverly sucks data in from the host computer until it’s full and then starts dumping data until all it’s left with is the last part of the file. All other files on the drive stay intact and the file size of the now incomplete file is reported correctly.

And so, as James Franco says in "127 hours"..... Never buy Chinese goods!!!!


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