Qwiki - Smart Information

Information Experience as Doug Imbruce calls it, is at its best at QWIKI.com. Learning things or getting to know things has just got better and more entertaining. Thanks to QWIKI which transforms huge articles into fun presentations.

Qwiki was launched in the alpha testing mode on 24th of January, 2011. Type a popular topic in the Qwiki box and a computer generated audio-visual presentation is ready in no time. I consider this a big new step in Information Presentation. The website links a computerized reading of selected text summary from Wikipedia with moving images from Wikipedia, Flikr and Panoramio. The text is read with subtitles option and the related pictures are displayed in a way the user would understand better. This wonderful websites was built by Doug and AltaVista founder Louis Monier.

This alpha stage site is now busy extending its arms into every kind of data. I'm a lot impressed with the Alpha release and can't imagine the final product. Like Doug calls it.. Its Information Experience at its best!!!!

Qwiki at TechCrunch Disrupt


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