Les Paul's Doodle

If you haven't heard about the musical doodle of Google, either you are from an outer planet or you have been too busy with your work. Even if the later case is true, you wouldn't have missed the doodle as I am sure you can't work for a week, without googling.

If you are still wondering what all the fuss is about, head to Les Paul's Doodle . Google paid tribute to Les Paul with this playable electric guitar doodle. The doodle became popular instantly and became a part of the history by getting a permanent page for itself at http://www.google.com/logos/2011/lespaul.html . Google has an archive of all it's popular doodles at http://www.google.com/logos/ and our music champ doodle is the latest addition to the list.  But what differentiates this doodle is that within 48hours(2 days)  it has recorded 5.1 years worth of Music ie close to 40 million songs.....

Which song did you play???

Sony's "Two will"

Sony has release a new video, creating a hype around the two tablets that Sony is going to release soon. "Two will" promotion video seems to be centered around the emotion Love and is the first episode of a five episode series, that show cases the two two new tables. These tablets are scheduled go on sale later this year.

The video seems to be interesting and Sony has definitely come out with innovative approach for promoting its tablets. Whether the products will live up to the hype is still a question for the time being.

Do you think this mode of promotion will generate the user interest? Do let us know

Can apple have "iBooks"

Apple was a definite winner of the last decade with iMac, IPod and IPad. Each one of them creating a revolution in their respective industries, helping Apple foray into the new terrains.  But looks like Apple can't have the trademark rights for  "iBooks".

Bloomberg reports that Apple is being sued by by New York publisher John T. Colby. Colby has rights to the terms "iBooks" and "ipicturebooks". “Apple’s use of the mark ‘iBooks’ to denote the electronic library that can be accessed via its iPad tablet computer,” the lawsuit states, “and its iPhone is likely to overwhelm the good will of plaintiffs’ ‘ibooks’ and ‘ipicturebooks’ marks and render them virtually worthless.”

The interesting fact is that Apple already owns the trademark to the term 'iBook'. But it was used for laptop computers. Apple is looking forward to use the term 'iBooks' for its online book store. It is planning to file for the trademark 'iBooks' quoting that it will be used in a much wider sense of "authoring, downloading, transmitting, receiving, editing, extracting, encoding, decoding, displaying, storing and organizing text, graphics, images, and electronic publications".

So next time a word starting with "i" flashes to your mind, and if you think it can make some vague sense, go register it. Who knows you might turn a millionaire in a day.

iFlash, iSee, iSmell, iWrite, iF*&K ...