How to keep my Google+ stream buzzing.

If you think that Google+ is a failure just because your stream is empty, you are wrong. There are so many blogs out there which brag that Google+ is a huge success already one two  or those that reason why Google+ is going to become ubiquitous one. Go read them. What I will do here is give you some small tips to keep your Google+ stream buzzing....

0. Google+ is not facebook. Google+ can be used like Facebook but it will take time. Until then start circling some interesting people and discover some interesting content. Google+ has already replaced twitter for many. It will eventually get popular amongst Facebook fans also. Believe me you can Google like Facebook but it will take some more time. May be 6 months or so.

1. Don't rule out Google+ without circling at-least 10 popular profiles that match your interests. Find the right people to circle. But since you guys will find it tedious I am posting the links to some of the profiles that you should circle straight away.
  • If you want all the nonsense and lighter update circle  Chris
  • Circle some guys at Google start with Vic Gundotra he posts most of the updates about Google+

2. Play with circles they are fun and they will help you keep organised.
  • Create as many circles as you want so that you can keep your contacts organised. Create one each for friends, family, each of the companies that you have worked before, each of the schools or colleges that you have attended. The benefit of having many circles is as Google+ matures we will have the option to overlap circles and perform set like operations on them. So that later you can create a circle called colleagues and all the circles related to your previous companies to that circle.

  • Always keep the count of Number of people in your circles more that Number of people who have circled you(Unless you are a celebrity or you have crossed the 5000 mark). The simplest way to do this is regularly go to Circles, click on people who have added you tab and select "Not yet in your circles" as the sort criteria. Add them all to the "My followers" circle if you don't know them.

  • Create some interesting and funny circles like these. So when Google+ adds an option of remove option while sharing data, you can say share with "Public" - "Loosers". And don't fret while adding people to negative circles like these. Google+ is not gonna let them know to which circle you added them. So you are safe unless there is a security breach at Google+.

  • Edit and add some juicy descriptions to your circles. Adding meaningful descriptions makes circles more interesting though only you can see them.

3. Try out hangouts. It is fun.
  • Start a hangout and invite your close friends. Hangouts are on the right sidebar below the invites. 

  • If you are not sure whom to invite and just be a part of hangout, find some interesting hangouts here  or become a part of the longest hangout on google+ 
  • And remember if you are starting a hangout and you want to make it public just select public from  the invite option.


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