Is India the biggest inactive user base of Google+ ?

I was pleasantly surprised to see India at the second place in the expanding circles infogram that depicted the number of Google+ users by county. But it took me less than a week to realize that most of the users were just Google loyalists who wanted to check out what Google+  was. After all the hype about Google+ over the net I was naturally disappointed to find my streams empty. It started filling up only after following some most followed people on Google+. But strangely enough I had no updates from my friends and Indian counterparts even after a month. As if this was not strange enough few of my friends disclosed to me that their stream was full of only my updates. That was embarrassing !!!

What I have observed regarding Google+ in India is that
1.) Most of the active Google+ users are tech geeks or those who are interested in technology.
2.) The remaining users are web- masters those who are there to promote their own websites and blogs.
3.) And the third kind is those who come to Google+ expecting it to be like Facebook but are let down when they find that not many of their friends are active on Google+ and they are still using Facebook actively.

If you are the third do read this post

Are you from India? If so what is your experience??


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