Gmail Inbox Styles Tabs

You can use the Gmail Inbox Styles Tabs to your advantage to be more organised and effecient. You have five Inbox styles Classic, Important first, Unread first, Starred first and Priority Inbox. Each one of them useful in its own way. So the best option is to use them all, and that is what Gmail Inbox Styles Tabs exactly.

To enable Gmail Inbox Styles Tabs
  1. Mouse over on Inbox.
  2. Click on the Drop down arrow.
  3. Click on "Try the tabs again".

Once you are done with the above steps you will see this in your mail.

Note :
  1. Don't click on the X mark. If you click on the X the tab might go away and there is no assured way to get it back.
  2. Moreover Google say "After you've settled on a style you like and used it for about a week, these tabs will go away, You can always change your inbox style from the drop down menu next to the Inbox label or from the Settings page." So if the tab goes away after few days try changing the Inbox style a few times and it might as well come back.


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