Google Blogger gets a new upgrade

The designers at Google looks to be having some work of late ;) We all know that google generally gives very little work to their designers. But of late it seems that google is paying more attention to the design and it surely is paying off large dividends for them. There minimalistic designs go with current trend and moreover they are getting most of the things right this time with respect to their design. All their services have standard look and feel now, making all the services of Google more like a blended unit. The latest upgrade to Google blogger is one more example of how small intuitive changes add considerable value to the user experience.

The home page gives you details about the most happening blogs in your account. The reading list and the View in Google Reader links only suggest that Google might be looking upto ramp up their Google Reader as well. The image at the top right suggest that we might find a link to the Google+ profile once Google+ is out of beta stage.

The home page for each of the blog has all the important  information aptly fit into a single screen. This new layout definitely reduces a few clicks at least. The major links on the left are less cluttered now and look more elegant.

 Clicking on the posts link takes us to our edits posts page. Adding comments and number of views here is definitely adds to the feel. And the revert to draft option beside publish was one thing I had been looking forward to. It definitely reduces your work when you want to un-publish a group of posts at once.

Looks like Blogger is gonna give some stiff competition to Wordpress. Let us sit back and watch...


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