Google kills Google Buzz

Google buzz has been a failure, and everybody knows it now. But what we don't know is that Google Buzz was more valuable to Google, than many other successful products that Google has come out with.

With Google Buzz, google was able to find all the reasons why a social-networking can fail. Google buzz was like a play ground for Google. It made all the mistakes and it learnt from them. Then Google got into the business mode and thats when we saw Google+

These are the few lessons Google learnt from Google Buzz.

  1. People take Privacy seriously. Remember even after fixing all its privacy issue, Google Buzz has kind of become a synonym for Privacy Issues.
  2. Multimedia forms an important part of sharing needs of people.
  3. Different people have different sharing needs and different target audience.
  4. Though people prefer to see the feeds, not having a dedicated profile is not such a great idea.
  5. Releasing an API  before actual people start engaging can make the platform a dumping ground.
Lessons 1 and 5 were the most important lessons for Google.

Though Google is planning to take down Google Buzz now, Google Buzz is still helping Google in a major way. Enter data liberation and Google Take out. Google is making the message loud and clear. 
    Google Buzz is going away, but your posts are yours to keep

Through this statement Google is making a statement that data belongs to the user. This will definitely make many Google+ users happy. Compare this to the Facebook's claim that not all the data that users provide on Facebook belongs to users. Google is taking this as an opportunity to promote their Google Takeout and earn few brownie points with the end users. Thats a good start. Keep going google.


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