Iris - Siri competitor for Android

If you are a Apple phone-boy, I am sure you have already started bragging to your friends about the Siri : your personal assistant on your iPhone. But its time to get over Siri. Come Iris, now your Android friends can brag about Iris. Yet it is Siri read backwards and with similar features. Albeit it seems to be much more intelligent than your Siri.

"Quickly, I created a decent layout and design, and we added all shiny little things to iris, and what came out was a really good app (for an 8 hours effort that is). When we posted the first screenshot, we got a nice feedback from people around, and that is when we realized that this is something people are going to be excited about.", Narayan Babu of Dextera wrote on his company blog.

If you are not impressed with the above image, then check out this video 

Coming from dexetra who have been working on heuristics for around an year, Iris is naturally expected to make Siri look like an amateur in long term. Be cautioned the App is still in Alpha phase and hence you might get some weird answer. But be happy as answers will only get better with time. I have already started liking Iris, just by watching this video. I am off to downloading the app. More reviews later.

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