Youtube Slam

Google has come out with YouTube Slam. YouTube Slam is what facebook initially was for photos, youtube slam is for videos now. If you didn't get what I meant read on.

What is youtube slam ?
Youtube slam is the new service by Google. It just throws two random videos from a category. They are pitted against each other and user need to vote for one of the videos.

Currently there are four categories in the slams. Bizzare slam, Music slam, Comeday slam and cute slam.

What is in it for google

  1. An interactive way for select popular videos.
  2. The average online time of a user increased on youtube.
  3. Since the inappropriate flag is adjacent to the "Huh" voting button, Google can use this to crowd-source the Youtube pruning.
  4. And don't forget that once it is tested and catches on, it will have direct interaction with Google+

Blogger prompts you to share a post when you create a new post of blogger

A few months ago Larry mentioned  "we will start shipping the Google part of Google+". This only seems to be getting more evident with every passing day. We saw circles in gmail, hangouts in youtube and now we see default prompting "to share on Google+" directly from the admin interface, when you create a new post on Blogger and click on share link.

Looks like there is no way you can shy away from Google+ in a few months of time. If you are a google user(the answer to which is "Yes" for may tech savy people), you will be a user of Google+ too.

Here is what The Oppurtunistic Google(Blogger) did as soon as I created a new post.

Google comes out with sliders for Google+ circles

Google has come out with sliders for Google+ circles which control the amount of posts that are displayed in your main stream from particular circles.

Currently you have four values in the sliders.

  1. Show everything from this stream in my stream.
  2. Show most things from this stream in my stream.
  3. Show fewer things from this stream in my stream.
  4. Show nothing from this stream in my stream.

Noise controls had to come to Google+ at some or other time. Why google took so long is still a mystery. Google slider seems to be a direct rip off of Facebook style of "All updates, Most updates, Only important", noise control mechanism. But however the google slider seems to much more simple and user friendly not frightening the users, unlike face-book. Google seems to be betting big on keeping things simple and making them more intuitive.

The major difference is that facebook has the noise controls at individual user(friend :P) level, whereas Google has it at the circle level. To a certain extent this highlights the difference in user perception of the two networks. But I strongly feel that Google+ should also have noise controls at the user level too.

Let us wait and see as usual :)

Google let it snow

Type let is snow in google home page and hit enter.

Sit back and rest for the magic to begin. And thats your christmas gift by google. If you are not impressed yet, then use the left click of the mouse and then drag it like you do on ms paint or gimp for defrosting.

If you want to remove the whole frost, click search button or the new "Defrost" button.

How Amazon is taking on the whole world?

Amazon is taking on the rest of the world(internet). Check out this infogram to find our how, who are its competitors and what are the verticals that amazon is trying to capture.

Amazon Infographic

Isn't it Smart way to compete with well established and deep routed companies. Brace yourself ,change is about to happen.

Source: CPC Strategy Blog