Youtube Slam

Google has come out with YouTube Slam. YouTube Slam is what facebook initially was for photos, youtube slam is for videos now. If you didn't get what I meant read on.

What is youtube slam ?
Youtube slam is the new service by Google. It just throws two random videos from a category. They are pitted against each other and user need to vote for one of the videos.

Currently there are four categories in the slams. Bizzare slam, Music slam, Comeday slam and cute slam.

What is in it for google

  1. An interactive way for select popular videos.
  2. The average online time of a user increased on youtube.
  3. Since the inappropriate flag is adjacent to the "Huh" voting button, Google can use this to crowd-source the Youtube pruning.
  4. And don't forget that once it is tested and catches on, it will have direct interaction with Google+


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