Google's social Q&A

Recently Google got bashed for giving higher importance to Google+ posts in the search results. But however looks like Google is not gonna stop pushing Google+ down out throats.

When you search for a query on Google+, there is an option at the bottom of the page saying "Want to ask your friends about your search query?".

Clicking on the link "Ask on Google+" will present you this popup asking you to share your question as a post on Google+

What do you think, does Google really want to create a social question answer platform using Google+, or is it just another attempt by Google to promote Google+ ?

How to create gmail@yourname.com

Yes now you can mail me at gmail@gokulnk.com How did I do that? Check out this step by step manual.

1.) Go to your c-panel and click on the Email Accounts.

2. Create a new email account. Say mailprovider@gokulnk.com You can name it gmail@gokulnk.com or yahoo@gokulnk.com

3. Once you create the mail make sure the your mail server has POP3 enabled.

4. Now to to your gmail. Click on the gear icon and then click on Mail settings.
5. Click on the Accounts and import tab.

 6. Scroll down until you find "Check mail using POP3"

7. Add the email address that you created. In our case mailprovider@gokulnk.com

8. Enter all the credentials of the account.

9. Select whether you want to be able to send mail as mailprovider@gokulnk.com or not

10. Enter the name that should appear for the mail id.
11. Select whether you want to send the mail using gmail infrastructure or your server.

12. Click on Send Verification.

13. Now go to your mail setting from the cpanel of you hosting account.

14.  Click on Access webmail and check the mail. You would have recieved a mail from google. Copy the confirmation code from the mail.

15. Go to gmail and paste the Verification code.

 Thats it you are done now. Now send a mail to mailprovider@gokulnk.com[gmail@gokulnk.com] and it will be in my account.