Google Chrome : Adding new User

Hi Techies,

Imagine this. You are using various apps of google on four tabs in the chrome browser. Your friends comes along and says that he wants to check him gmail and he uses only chrome browser. Now you need to log out and close all the tabs or ask him to use a browser other than chrome(which you don't like). What if both of you could use chrome and your accounts were operating as if they were not connected?

Google Chrome's latest version now allows you to log in to multiple user accounts of a single site, using Chrome's new feature of Multiple Users.
i.e., you can log into Facebook (Gmail or any other site) simultaneously as multiple different users.

Do you share a computer with other people?

If yes then adding new users to Chrome lets you keep your stuff separate from that of your friends. If browsers are going to be our new operating systems in the current cloud era, adding user account seems the logical step and google has rightly added that to their coveted browser.

  1. Click on Wrench Menu >> Preferences (/Options)
  2. In this page, in the "Users" Section, Click the "Add new User", which creates a new user profile.
  3. Optional Step - You can sign-in to Chrome using your Gmail account to save your bookmarks.
  4. Once a new user is created, you can open a window as that user by clicking the icon visible at top-left corner (top-right corner in Linux).
  5. The new window is no way related to old window and you can open any site in these two windows as two different users.
This video explains more about how this works: 

Do you like this feature? Then go ahead and enable it. Make sure that your friend can use chrome too when you have your accounts open ;)

Isn't that cool? Let us know what you feel.


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