10 new facebook features

With it's growing popularity, Facebook has started thinking out of the box and smarter in terms of the features the site provides to it's users. Facebook has promisingly grew in all aspects, be it security or features or advertisements, Facebook is penetrating in every vertical to be and stay the best amongst others. From allowing user to view 360-degree view video to video as profile picture, Facebook has topped again in improving user experience on Facebook.

Here are 10 new features of Facebook:

1 Live Streaming: Feeling lazy for clicking every video you come across on your home page. Facebook has worked overtime to get this make-me-lazy thing of clicking play button every time. Now you can see the videos auto played when ever you hover your mouse's cursor over it-moving the cursor away will obviously stop the video. By default, the video will play in mute, clicking on sound icon will play up the video. You can always turn of this by reaching Settings > Videos>> Click the dropdown menu next to Auto-play Videos and select Off.

2. Mentions app for verified users: Facebook has rolled out this new feature for the verified users. These verified user include journalist, celebrities and some one out of reach for. This feature lets  the verified users engage with their followers and share the content. Interested user have to fill a online form before they can download and use the app.

3. Notes: Facebook has recently upgraded the notes feature making it more or like a blog posts. Manage your notes on Facebook, hover mouse on More below your cover picture, find Notes under that, check it and edit it at your ease. Add title, write something from mind and if you're okay with what you have typed, you may publish it. You can manage the ordering of more options.

"We’re rolling out an update to make notes on Facebook more beautiful and customizable. Notes are now an even better way to write a longer post and share with anyone — whether it’s a small group of friends or everyone on Facebook," said the company in a statement.

4. 360 degree video: Facebook updated its News Feed with support for 360-degree videos. The feature displays the user an entire scene in virtual reality. The company worked with Oculus, the VR headset maker it acquired in 2014, to develop the feature.

5. Video as profile picture. Another awesome feature gifted is video profile picture, imagine a happy shocking face, surprised on his/her birthday as profile picture. Awesome right? Users can also set a temporary profile picture that reverts to their old picture at a specific time. 

6. Dislike button: Instead of commenting "Disliked" for something you don't like on Facebook, use Dislike button, but with a different taste. The company has rolled out expressive reactions that includes "Love," "Haha," "Yay," "Wow," "Sad" and "Angry."

7. Video Suggestions: One step towards making you view more videos on Facebook, going youtube way on Facebook. Once you are done with watching a video, suggestions opens up. In a statement said "In addition to helping people find more videos they may be interested in, we know people sometimes want to multitask while they watch videos. To make this possible, we’re testing a way for people to watch a video in a floating screen while simultaneously multitasking on Facebook."

8. Instant Articles: Spend more time on Facebook ? Company has added this feature to keep users on Facebook keeping their business on. According to the social-networking giant, the feature will improve the load times of news stories on its mobile app by as much as 10 times. Also, Instant Articles is not just about faster load times, it also includes other features like interactive maps, image zoom, autoplay videos and audio captions.

9. Facebook goes real-time: Get into the talk with internet with this new feature.  As this feature lets you find the search conversations about news shared publicly. As part of the feature, Search shows users what the world is saying about topics that matter and how their friends and family are reacting.

10 Notification tab leans your way: Get to know about community news and events, storm warnings, weather information and suggestions for television programmes or nearby movies. These notifications can also be customized according to happenings around the community.

Project Ara

In the era of technology google has come up with Project ARA, google make the most of the employee power they have and keep innovating and proving that they are the best.

Something similar is done by tech giant ,Google in the Project ARA. This project is deply focusing on modularizing the smartphones and making it portable for Open Source Hardware.
So far google provided an highly customizable operating system for smart phones but now it's time to awesomely customize your smart phone's harware such as display , the camera or an extra battery. Bored of same old 8 MP camera ?? updgrade it to the latest one available in the market , or may be you are having an ill hardware which is making you loose your patience on the phone and rethink why you bought the handset ?? just change it to the latest and may be more powerfull one available. Smart right ? 

Okay so let us get into the topic of this particular post and get to know what is it so awesome to get this handset.

  • First thing is that this phone is monitored under google so it's no point in bahaving like a detective towards this handset and suspecting it to be a heart breaking useless handset. It's quality from google.... always.
  • Next big thing to know is that this handset will be realeased in Puerto Rico later in 2015 for pilot testing.
  • This device will run Android , very much obvious it is since google is hosting this project. Rumors also say that these handset might have Windows OS in upcoming years.
  • It is decided that handset will be available in market in three different sizes initially the size of handset would be almost similar to Nokia 3310 and next would a medium sized handset which would resemble LG Nexus 5 and in future the handset will be available in the size similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

    Sooner or later , people will be loving this innovation from google , in the beginning it will be difficult for people to adapt to this change but as the saying goes "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change." Charles Darwin.

    Let's change with changing world and change the way the world will change in future. Get ready for a biggest change in the history of smartphones guys , thanks to google !! 

    Coming days will be socially awesome...Brace yourself change is about to happen.

    Sources: Wikipedia, Official website: Project ARA

Secure you gmail account

Every page you visit online asks for a sign up , be it a shopping website or news website or any website you get news/information of any sought from.
Today, information is worth everything. Companies send you emails they've already got vetted. The one who do such activities can see when you open a mail, what you click after that and what is your location.
They track emails by adding small images or pixels that inform them about your data. These tracking tools work once you click the mail, so the only method to stop being tracked by anyone is not by opening that mail. The question here is how one can know if the mail is the safe one or the tracked one before opening it.
But there's tool called “Ugly Email” at your rescue .Ugly email checks all your emails and exposes the ones being tracked. Each tracked mail is shown with an “evil eye” to easily recognize such emails.
Currently, this works by detecting pixels from Yesware, Streak, MailChimp, Mandrill, Bananatag and Postmark. They are actively working on adding more.

Here are the simple steps to make it work:

Step 1:
Open your Google Chrome browser on your PC.
Step 2:
Click this link to install Ugly Email to save yourself from tracked emails.
Step 3: 
Click “Add to Chrome” in the new tab and you are good to go.
Step 4:
The next time you receive an e-mail, a tiny eye symbol will be there. It is an indication if it is vetted by any tracking tool.

This tool only works with Gmail and is currently available as a Chrome extension. They are working to add Firefox support very soon.
Some of you might not see eye symbol on any of your e-mail, that’s because you got no vetted mails. Congrats. The world is becoming smart with growing technologies , let's get smarter to avoid it's misuse.

Source: fossbytes

Hidden game in chrome : Google Chrome offline Dinosaur T-Rex Game

Did you know that there is a hidden game in chrome? Yes and its pretty cool.

Just disable your internet connection and open any website. You will be greeted with this dull looking page which says the webpage is not available. The name of the Dinosaur is T-Rex and its known for having hilariously short hands when compared to the size of its body. Google tries to portray that the Trex's short hands were not able to reach out and get the internet ;)

As always with Google, that is not all. There is an easter egg hidden. Just click Space Bar and you will know what I am talking about. There is an addictive game hidden there. So next time you don't have internet you know what to do. Open chrome browser and hit SpaceBar.

If you are using mobile you can still play the game. When you reach the screen tap on the T-Rex.

Happy gaming. Share your highest score with us.

Facebook- A Life Saver

A lot of reports have showed that people have ruined huge amount of time being online on facebook also getting into trouble by various means, be it account hacking or fake accounts fooling you.
But you will be amazed as you read on ,down the post. The reason why you will be amazed is unique in itself and has never happened yet. Social networking giant-Facebook  has a system working all over the world on all accounts that keep an eye on statuses ,posts and your daily activity.

This system is dedicated to prevent suicide of the users whom their friends think are undergoing mental pressure and are having suicidal thoughts.The users who think ,someone might commit suicide with the statuses they post, likes and shares they do can report these kind of activities to facebook and that reported post will be studied by a third party and analyzed thoroughly and if they think that a particular user needs attention in terms of mental condolence to prevent their suicide.

When it gets confirmed by the third party that a particular user might attempt suicide, facebook pops up a message as shown below.

It lets the users know that "a friend thinks you might be going through something difficult and asked us to look at your recent post". Only the user can see this pop up and everything that follows.After the user is reached out by facebook , following options are shown up to the user one by one.

You can then choose to talk to a friend ,or a helpline support-"You're not alone,we do this to many people every month" says the notification.
As we know last October facebook apologized for mistakenly labeling transgenders people's names as "Fake" under its "real name". For this set of alerts ,facebook has partnered with many mental health organizations which include Forefront , No Matters Now , National Suicide Prevention Lifeline & Save.org. Facebook is No more a place where you aren't safe,no doubts on the vulnerability of being there but no one can deny the safety provided there.

Facebook has a smarter way to take care of its users, though it's a indirect way to take care. Let's join hands to save lives, let's feel blessed on doing so. Let's prove that technology isn't always a boon. Save a life and feel like a superhero.....!!

Sources: Mashable

Pinterest-A new way of searching.

Pinterest a new social site that has gained a huge popularity among social network users. It's all new way of social networking has got it over 300 million with 750 million boards and 30 billion pins (posts)users.The unique thing about Pinterest is that instead of news feeds or posts on the home like on facebook or google+ it has PINS that gets you the so called posts ,sign up is required for its usage.
This was a brief intro of what pinterest is for those who has never heard of this awesome social networking site.

Now let's explore it's new feature that will be a very strong competitor of search giant google. Let's see how......
This new social networking has mere 300 employees working for it ,isn't it amazing... with just these many employees it has managed to be a competitor to google.

Guided search web is the new thing that will freeze you to pinterest, i mean it !! This new feature is supposed to help you explore the site with or without perfect mind set of what you wanna search, in a way the site is provided with a secret ginnie that will read your mind and result relatively ,Smart right ?

Guided Search gives you keyword suggestions when you enter a search term on Pinterest, further narrowing down what you're looking for.

If your search is vague and you're more interested in exploration and discovery than finding a specific product, then Pinterest really helps, as opposed to a simple Google search.

At times with uncertainty in your minds ,Pinterest's guided search will help you get your results done more efficiently but when you are specific and exact of what you need then just googling would be better option.


Just like googling ,you need to type your thoughts into the search bar provided and then the secret sauce from pinterest will pop below your search as shown below ,and that's it the search results will keep pumping out and you will magically get what you need.

The search result you get depends on the item you search and the way you search.

Tweeks in this feature:
By default the result is given in the form of pins ,but you can fine tune the search by pinners button provided ,you can keep it as boards ,pinners ,your pins and all pins.

If you wish to search by category ,pinterest has taken care of this need also.
Click the dropdown arrow with three horizontal lines in it to the right of the search bar to see category options. Once you have selected the category you will get relevant search results.

Pinterest Magic in Motion:
Guided Search works the same on mobile. In fact, it was first introduced on the Pinterest app before it was rolled out to web. Tapping the search icon at the bottom of the screen gives you the option to browse by category, as well as start a keyword search.

The search Guides appear below the search box, and you simply swipe to scroll though them.

facebook's technical clairvoyance

Being socially sound has never been so astonishing until facebook revealed its new findings ,which hints or to be exact predicts ,when two people are about to change their relationship status to "In Relationship" and it also governs the status updates ,posts shared ,chat etc between the two users.

SEE ALSO: Facebook-A Life Saver.

In the three months (or about 100 days) before a couple updates their status to make their relationship Facebook official, the social network sees a steady increase in the number of timeline posts shared between the two. In fact, posting to each other's pages will peak (1.67 posts) at 12 days before the relationships begin and when the update is officially made ("day 0") posts typically start to decline.
Facebook kept an eye on only those who declared their relationship status and not just changed their relationship status between April 11 2010 to Oct 21 2013,for instance, and remained "single" 100 days before and "in a relationship" 100 days after that date. The findings are a part of a larger six-part series that looks at love.

As obvious as the fact that earth is round ,it's obvious that the couple tend to spend more time with each other on facebook and online interactions give way to more interactions in the physical world," the company said in an official blog post.

Apart from this facebook also focused on words with positivity in it like "love" "care" , "happy" ,"best feeling" etc with respect to the negative feeling words like "hate" , "sad" , "end" etc.
check the graph that states this in detail.

This valentine might be the same or may be this has been already done.It's facebook ,quite Smart right ?? 
It's Love time , show up your love ,bring out your emotions and flaunt it :) it won't effect much to the people seeing it but it'll surely brighten up for you and prove this finding of facebook true ;) 

Sources: Mashable, Facebook.

whatsapp on web

For couple of months whatsapp has kept user into a deep confusion of weather or not whatsapp will release its web version ,there were also rumors of whatsapp having a third party client for its web version on browsers and finally the techie geeks at whatsapp have an answer to the confusions caused by launching a official web site for its working.

Whatsapp ,which claims to have over 700 million active users world wide said the web version will be a perfect replica of what we use in our devices and would require your device with working internet connection also this web site will work only on google chrome browser and will not be available on iphone due to it's platform limitations.

So lets get into how to configure the web version of whatsapp.

First of all you need to update the app to the latest version pushed by the device providers,after updating reach out to "Whatsapp web" in your whatsapp menu.

Android:     Open whatsapp - main menu - whatsapp web.

Windows:   Open whatsapp - main menu - whatsapp web.
Nokia S60:  Open whatsapp - main menu - whatsapp web.
Blackberry: Open whatsapp - chats - menu key - whatsapp web.
Blackberry 10: Open whatsapp - swipe down from top of the screen - whatsapp web

After you locate the whatsapp web in your device ,open web.whatsapp.com in your laptop or desktop.

NOTE: This site open only on google chrome for now,you will be redirected to home page.

when you open your whatsapp web on you device ,a scanner will be initiated show your camera to your computer screen the whatsapp web page on. After successful scan your whatsapp account will be logged and your chat will be sync'd to website and bazzzzziiingaa!! you can chat from your computer now.

Just like every new feature into the market ,comes bugs and defects too. This also comes with a little bit of stealthy way of chatting,since emojis are placed where they are in mobile device but you will have to reach out there with mouse every time you wanna use emojis.

The conversation on website and mobile takes a while in sync-ing ,but stay patient ,whatsapp is in safe hands of techie geeks at facbook they will work out more featured whatsapp website.

For now every time you want to log in and use whatsapp on web ,you will have to scan the QR code and log in ,which is inconvenient right? don't worry more convenience will be brought to you by whatsapp,

Now what are you waiting for go reach out to your store update it and enjoy whatsapp ,OUT OF YOUR DEVICE.

happy whatsapp-ing :) keep smartening :) with Smarter \^/orld

Using Gmail Stars

As days are passing, we'll have lots of mails in your Inbox, at some point of time you want to check a mail which was about 6 months ago, how could you find? with no exact idea about it?

How often do you use stars in gmail?

Stars in Gmail help you to prioritize your mails when you read. And when you want to check this starred mails, its an easy one. So how do we get through this very feature from google. 

How to add a star

From your inbox: click the  Gray outline star Gray outline star star icon next to the sender's name.

While reading a message: click  Gray outline star the Gray outline star star icon in upper right corner of the message, next to the time.

While writing a new message:  click  Gray outline star More options drop-down arrow More options in the bottom right corner of the compose window, click Label, and then select Add star.

now it's google , so it will obviously make you love it more by making it easier to get your work done, google has keyboard shortcuts for doing things in your style.

Now you may have priorities of mails ,like one mail would be important for you and you may want to read it again and again change the color of the star to give a clear view of the prioritized emails

Get more star designs

1. Open Gmail.
2. Click the  gear in the top right.
3. Select Settings.
4. Scroll down to find the "Stars" section of the General tab.
5. Drag stars from “Not in use” to “In use.” You can also drag the stars in “In use” to reorder them.
6. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Find starred messages
To see all your starred messages, click Starred on the left side of your Gmail, under Inbox, or search for starred messages by typing is:starred in the search box.And since there are various other starts too ,under General tab of settings you will find the name of the stars you hover.

Starred messages in your inbox

1. Open Gmail

2. Click the + icon to the right of your tabs.

3. Uncheck the box next to “Include starred in Primary.”

4. Click Save.

If you love using stars, you can also try Priority Inbox or the Starred inbox so you have an entire inbox section dedicated to stars. Learn more about inbox styles.