Using Gmail Stars

As days are passing, we'll have lots of mails in your Inbox, at some point of time you want to check a mail which was about 6 months ago, how could you find? with no exact idea about it?

How often do you use stars in gmail?

Stars in Gmail help you to prioritize your mails when you read. And when you want to check this starred mails, its an easy one. So how do we get through this very feature from google. 

How to add a star

From your inbox: click the  Gray outline star Gray outline star star icon next to the sender's name.

While reading a message: click  Gray outline star the Gray outline star star icon in upper right corner of the message, next to the time.

While writing a new message:  click  Gray outline star More options drop-down arrow More options in the bottom right corner of the compose window, click Label, and then select Add star.

now it's google , so it will obviously make you love it more by making it easier to get your work done, google has keyboard shortcuts for doing things in your style.

Now you may have priorities of mails ,like one mail would be important for you and you may want to read it again and again change the color of the star to give a clear view of the prioritized emails

Get more star designs

1. Open Gmail.
2. Click the  gear in the top right.
3. Select Settings.
4. Scroll down to find the "Stars" section of the General tab.
5. Drag stars from “Not in use” to “In use.” You can also drag the stars in “In use” to reorder them.
6. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Find starred messages
To see all your starred messages, click Starred on the left side of your Gmail, under Inbox, or search for starred messages by typing is:starred in the search box.And since there are various other starts too ,under General tab of settings you will find the name of the stars you hover.

Starred messages in your inbox

1. Open Gmail

2. Click the + icon to the right of your tabs.

3. Uncheck the box next to “Include starred in Primary.”

4. Click Save.

If you love using stars, you can also try Priority Inbox or the Starred inbox so you have an entire inbox section dedicated to stars. Learn more about inbox styles.


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