Pinterest-A new way of searching.

Pinterest a new social site that has gained a huge popularity among social network users. It's all new way of social networking has got it over 300 million with 750 million boards and 30 billion pins (posts)users.The unique thing about Pinterest is that instead of news feeds or posts on the home like on facebook or google+ it has PINS that gets you the so called posts ,sign up is required for its usage.
This was a brief intro of what pinterest is for those who has never heard of this awesome social networking site.

Now let's explore it's new feature that will be a very strong competitor of search giant google. Let's see how......
This new social networking has mere 300 employees working for it ,isn't it amazing... with just these many employees it has managed to be a competitor to google.

Guided search web is the new thing that will freeze you to pinterest, i mean it !! This new feature is supposed to help you explore the site with or without perfect mind set of what you wanna search, in a way the site is provided with a secret ginnie that will read your mind and result relatively ,Smart right ?

Guided Search gives you keyword suggestions when you enter a search term on Pinterest, further narrowing down what you're looking for.

If your search is vague and you're more interested in exploration and discovery than finding a specific product, then Pinterest really helps, as opposed to a simple Google search.

At times with uncertainty in your minds ,Pinterest's guided search will help you get your results done more efficiently but when you are specific and exact of what you need then just googling would be better option.


Just like googling ,you need to type your thoughts into the search bar provided and then the secret sauce from pinterest will pop below your search as shown below ,and that's it the search results will keep pumping out and you will magically get what you need.

The search result you get depends on the item you search and the way you search.

Tweeks in this feature:
By default the result is given in the form of pins ,but you can fine tune the search by pinners button provided ,you can keep it as boards ,pinners ,your pins and all pins.

If you wish to search by category ,pinterest has taken care of this need also.
Click the dropdown arrow with three horizontal lines in it to the right of the search bar to see category options. Once you have selected the category you will get relevant search results.

Pinterest Magic in Motion:
Guided Search works the same on mobile. In fact, it was first introduced on the Pinterest app before it was rolled out to web. Tapping the search icon at the bottom of the screen gives you the option to browse by category, as well as start a keyword search.

The search Guides appear below the search box, and you simply swipe to scroll though them.

facebook's technical clairvoyance

Being socially sound has never been so astonishing until facebook revealed its new findings ,which hints or to be exact predicts ,when two people are about to change their relationship status to "In Relationship" and it also governs the status updates ,posts shared ,chat etc between the two users.

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In the three months (or about 100 days) before a couple updates their status to make their relationship Facebook official, the social network sees a steady increase in the number of timeline posts shared between the two. In fact, posting to each other's pages will peak (1.67 posts) at 12 days before the relationships begin and when the update is officially made ("day 0") posts typically start to decline.
Facebook kept an eye on only those who declared their relationship status and not just changed their relationship status between April 11 2010 to Oct 21 2013,for instance, and remained "single" 100 days before and "in a relationship" 100 days after that date. The findings are a part of a larger six-part series that looks at love.

As obvious as the fact that earth is round ,it's obvious that the couple tend to spend more time with each other on facebook and online interactions give way to more interactions in the physical world," the company said in an official blog post.

Apart from this facebook also focused on words with positivity in it like "love" "care" , "happy" ,"best feeling" etc with respect to the negative feeling words like "hate" , "sad" , "end" etc.
check the graph that states this in detail.

This valentine might be the same or may be this has been already done.It's facebook ,quite Smart right ?? 
It's Love time , show up your love ,bring out your emotions and flaunt it :) it won't effect much to the people seeing it but it'll surely brighten up for you and prove this finding of facebook true ;) 

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