Hidden game in chrome : Google Chrome offline Dinosaur T-Rex Game

Did you know that there is a hidden game in chrome? Yes and its pretty cool.

Just disable your internet connection and open any website. You will be greeted with this dull looking page which says the webpage is not available. The name of the Dinosaur is T-Rex and its known for having hilariously short hands when compared to the size of its body. Google tries to portray that the Trex's short hands were not able to reach out and get the internet ;)

As always with Google, that is not all. There is an easter egg hidden. Just click Space Bar and you will know what I am talking about. There is an addictive game hidden there. So next time you don't have internet you know what to do. Open chrome browser and hit SpaceBar.

If you are using mobile you can still play the game. When you reach the screen tap on the T-Rex.

Happy gaming. Share your highest score with us.

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  1. BTW, we should have updated version of chrome in mobiles. I was not able to play until I updated to latest. :)