Project Ara

In the era of technology google has come up with Project ARA, google make the most of the employee power they have and keep innovating and proving that they are the best.

Something similar is done by tech giant ,Google in the Project ARA. This project is deply focusing on modularizing the smartphones and making it portable for Open Source Hardware.
So far google provided an highly customizable operating system for smart phones but now it's time to awesomely customize your smart phone's harware such as display , the camera or an extra battery. Bored of same old 8 MP camera ?? updgrade it to the latest one available in the market , or may be you are having an ill hardware which is making you loose your patience on the phone and rethink why you bought the handset ?? just change it to the latest and may be more powerfull one available. Smart right ? 

Okay so let us get into the topic of this particular post and get to know what is it so awesome to get this handset.

  • First thing is that this phone is monitored under google so it's no point in bahaving like a detective towards this handset and suspecting it to be a heart breaking useless handset. It's quality from google.... always.
  • Next big thing to know is that this handset will be realeased in Puerto Rico later in 2015 for pilot testing.
  • This device will run Android , very much obvious it is since google is hosting this project. Rumors also say that these handset might have Windows OS in upcoming years.
  • It is decided that handset will be available in market in three different sizes initially the size of handset would be almost similar to Nokia 3310 and next would a medium sized handset which would resemble LG Nexus 5 and in future the handset will be available in the size similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

    Sooner or later , people will be loving this innovation from google , in the beginning it will be difficult for people to adapt to this change but as the saying goes "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change." Charles Darwin.

    Let's change with changing world and change the way the world will change in future. Get ready for a biggest change in the history of smartphones guys , thanks to google !! 

    Coming days will be socially awesome...Brace yourself change is about to happen.

    Sources: Wikipedia, Official website: Project ARA


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