Instagram: Post multiple pictures in a single post.

Okay so out of the blue moon, Instagram finally has something unique for its over-a-billion-active-users. Instagram had a busy month testing this feature, and has now finally released this feature in a updated version of the app. Since the feature is system specific the app needs to be updated unlike some server specific features which doesn’t need the app to be updated.
The version 10.9 has this super awesome feature which lets you post 10 different photos/videos in a single go. You need to tap on “SELECT MULTIPLE” button on android and a switcher (blue colored icon) top right of photo picker on iPhone to select multiple photos.
Upon selecting 10 photos/videos you can either edit the photo individually or all photos one by one. While in edit mode you can rearrange the photos by long press and drag, delete photos by long press and swipe up and the filters and other photo editing setting are available. However you are restricted to have one caption for the whole slideshow (unlike WhatsApp, being able to give caption for each picture you intend to share) and a square crop
Once posted, your post will be shown as a slide show in the feed with a highlighter at bottom right saying “Swipe left” for the first time for you. The next time you see the same post again the message will not be shown and only dots below the post will be shown. Number of dots will be equal to number of photos/videos.


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